Cheryl Pratt Murman

I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of all of us.
~ Surak (Star Trek)

Cheryl Pratt Murmom Yoga



What led you to yoga?

A love of fitness, the movement, and the peace I feel when doing Yoga.  That made me want to bring others to the practice,  too.

Three words that reflect how you want to BE each day…

Kind ~ Compassionate ~ Caring

Three activities that inspire being fully present, other than yoga…

  • Holding my new granddaughter
  • Spending time with all three of my boys together
  • Hiking/Camping

Pose that reminds you of what it’s like to be a beginner…

Backbends and arm balances

The most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen…

Did I mention my new grand-baby?

How do you begin each day?

Coffee~  Good Morning America~ deep breathing

A bit more…

Certified through the American Council on Exercise and the American Aerobics and Fitness , I have taught fitness classes for more than twenty-three years,  and I am also a certified personal trainer. I have been teaching Yoga for 10 years, and I am certified through Yoga Fit levels 1, 2, 3-  carrying a certification for Senior yoga. A lifelong student of anatomy, I am now beginning additional training through RYA and Kashi Atlanta Yoga School, concentrating on meditation and spirituality.  I was raised in the South by by yankee parents, so I still say yinz but with a Southern drawl.  The fine young men I raised, Paul, Michael, and Sean,  are among my life’s greatest accomplishments, and now I have three step-children and one crazy dog who continue to add riches to my life.   No matter where you are on your yoga journey, I will teach you at your level; your time in my class will be for you.  Through the teaching of body awareness and of how to pay attention to your body and to each breath it takes,  I hope you leave my class feeling like you’ve worked hard and have had an hour of moving meditation all at the same time.  I am filled with joy at the prospect of working with such a wonderful group of instructors and of being part of Becky’s vision for this new studio, Yoga East.

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