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Yoga East FigureYoga East Wellness Center is a full-service flex factory where peaceful ohms and ahhs are manufactured under the guidance of 19 certified joint stretchers.

Pick and choose from the wide variety of classes offered every week and designed to suit all levels of strength and stretchability.

Check out the full schedule before dropping in to the serene studio, where the calming atmosphere entices muscles to relax and ligaments to accept their lovers’ faults.

Our new Wellness Center also offers high-quality services with:

Rebecca Benedict of Lyft Spa; aesthetic services from Beverly Hills

Nicole Strickler, Massage Therapist

Becky Byrns, Reiki Sessions



Owner: Becky Byrns
Email: becky@yoga-east.net
Phone: (423) 499-6006

Yoga East LLC
2545 Lifestyle Way
Suite 6
Chattanooga, TN 37421

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